Adoption Consultation Call


Have you ever really wanted to understand what a prospective birth mom is thinking? Now is your chance! Let’s chat! We can arrange a call for you to ask me questions that will help you along your own unique adoption journey. I especially advocate for open adoption and would love to share “the heart of a birth mom” with you. You will find that prospective birth moms, and birth moms, simply want the best for everyone involved.

Common questions that I receive and love to answer:

  • What does open adoption look like?
  • Is it confusing for your birth child?
  • How does a birth mom feel about ____ (gifts, mother’s day, holidays, visits, etc.)
  • How would you handle this situation with a birth mom’s feelings in mind?
  • How often should we visit?
  • What are visits like? Where do you go?
  • What about other birth family siblings– should they know?
  • What if our other adopted child doesn’t have the same open relationship?
  • What does the hospital experience look like?
  • What is an adoption placement ceremony?


We can share a cup of coffee over the phone and dive into exploring adoption and the questions you have. Live in the Charlotte, NC area? Let’s meet in person! My ultimate goal is to help you understand the birth parent perspective more and create a positive open adoption experience for all. I love dispelling myths and explaining how we make our open adoption work so well.

You will receive:

  • An hour of completely confidential, non-judgmental, open and honest phone consultation with me. Come with questions! We will establish a game plan for your personalized adoption journey.
  • The option to pair it with the Adoption Profile Review and receive a discount.

I appreciate the sacrifice that you are also making in choosing adoption. It’s not easy on any side of the adoption triad, but it can be so beautiful and worth it! I can’t wait to hear from you and about your own journey to adoption.

The first introduction call is 30 minutes to get to know one another with no obligation. Should you decide to move forward with my services, we will dig deeper into your goals and what you need help with?

Head over to the scheduling page to make an appointment with me today.