What does an open adoption consultant do?

I am here to:

  • Guide you through exploring open adoption as a waiting adoptive couple
  • Show why open adoption is beneficial for all involved (especially that precious child at the center!)
  • Explain the variations of open adoption
  • Provide insight as a birth mother
  • Answer your questions about birth mothers and open adoption
  • Review and edit your adoption profile and social media pages
  • Give tips on how to have a successful open adoption relationship with the birth family after adoption

What I don’t offer (but can refer you to some great people!)

I cannot help with the legal process of adopting, the finances, how to run fundraisers, etc. but I know some amazing people who can help you with that area. I also am not a therapist. While I am a great listener and can share my experiences on what I’ve found helpful in my adoption journey, I cannot offer clinical therapy. If you have clinical therapy needs to help your open adoption relationship, I will refer you elsewhere.

Your 30 minute introduction call to get to know each other is free!

One Hour Consultation Call

Do you have specific questions that needs a birth mom's perspective? Leah has been in an open adoption since 2004 and loves to use her experience to help others achieve a successful open adoption relationship as well.

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Adoption Profile Review

Are you waiting to be matched and would like your profile looked over? Using her English degree background and birth mother experience, Leah will read over your profile and share what is working well-- or what may be pushing prospective birth moms away.

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Content Writer

Is your website needing relatable content? Leah has over eleven years of experience and an English degree. She specializes in custom pieces regarding open adoption, the birth mother experience, motherhood, natural living, birth, pregnancy, faith, and encouragement.

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