A few of my favorite articles & websites for more information– let it spark questions about your own journey for our chat!

General Adoption Information

Talk About Adoption

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Open Adoption

10 Things I’ve Learned in 10 Years of Open Adoption

The Open Adoption Compromise

What Growing Up in an Open Adoption Has Taught Me

Over Coming Fears in Open Adoption


The Birth Mother Experience

Miscarriage Heartbreak Compared to Birth Mother Grief

Should a Birth Mom Breastfeed or Pump Before Placement?

What You Really Need to Know About Birth Moms on Birth Mother’s Day

Birth Mother’s Story Told Through Photos

11th Birthday Emotions: Feeling Adoption Loss

An Open Letter to My Birth Daughter: 10 Years of Adoption and Love


The Adoption Process Recommendations

AdoptMatch— a revolutionary app that helps to match expectant mothers with waiting adoptive parents nationwide. They only work with ethical and compassionate adoption professionals, which is hugely important!

Faithful Adoption Consultants— Advocates for the adoptive family, they provide national wide guidance through the domestic adoption process.