Pregnant and Considering Adoption?

I totally understand the place you are in right now, I’ve been there with two unplanned pregnancies.  I felt scared about the future, nervous of what people would think of me, unsure of who or where to turn to for advice or help.

Discovering other birth moms online to talk to was a help in my choice of deciding between parenting and placing when I was 16 years old– I’d love to be that support for you too. I’m a mentor with Talk About Adoption and happy to help as you decide which option is your best path.  I’m here to listen without judgement and no bias agendas as I’m not affiliated with any agencies. I’ll also share my experience (as both a birth mom at 16 and a young mom at 19 years old), offer things to think about, and provide connections to resources should you need them– no matter which path you decide.

You can also check this map to see if there is a mentor in your specific state!

You are loved, you are strong.